About Roger L. Harris and TABIC

Roger L. Harris of Talent Assessment and Business Improvement Consulting

Roger L. Harris of Talent Assessment and Business Improvement Consulting


Roger L. Harris is the founder and owner of TABIC (Talent Assessment and Business Improvement Consulting).

Roger Harris and TABIC can help you:

Improve your business: Roger Harris has more than 25 years of managerial experience in business operations, consulting, and Human Resources in a wide range of industries using a broad range of the most appropriate solutions.

Address the specific needs of your industry:
He has over 20 years of experience in high technology, customer service, consumer products manufacturing, advanced research and development and financial services fields as a manager, leader and consultant.

Promote teamwork:
He has extensive experience in building and managing teams, project management and professional services.

Find the right solution to fit your size of business: TABIC’s business and client organizations have ranged from Fortune 100 to small and medium-sized firms.

Develop leaders: Roger Harris has designed and implemented processes to facilitate the development of leaders and high-performance teams that deliver bottom-line results. His experience includes extensive successful interventions as an executive and business coach, with significant performance improvements by clients across the world. He will work with leaders at all levels in the development of personal and team leadership skills.

Use analytics to improve your processes: Roger Harris offers a high level of personal proficiency in the use of diagnostic tools and customized plans and solutions to support management processes.

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